Core Values

“Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference.” -Jane Goodall

Integrity and Ethics

Having integrity and ethics foremost involves being honest, transparency, maintaining consistency, and adhering strongly to a moral and ethical code of conduct. As leaders, educators, and thinkers, we must uphold these basic tenets when encountering problems in our communities, as it requires actionable solutions from the highest respect for others. I believe in these values wholeheartedly as I strive to help others to reach their full potential.

Kindness and Compassion

Through acts of kindness and willingness to help community, we show deep compassion and spark positive emotions. I embody this value through thoughtfulness, decency, and acts of compassion. These common courtesies are important to me because of my own intersectional background, and therefore, I value any opportunity to show kindness and compassion to my coworkers and colleagues. We never know exactly how someone’s journey is currently panning out, and what their own positionalities entail.

Community and Service to Others

Community-building through acts of service seeks to repair the power differential among the most marginalized in society. Part of my community-building praxis is beyond volunteering because giving back has always been important to me, even when I was not in the best of situations. Although volunteering to help mentor or promote an initiative has been at the heart of my acts of service, from raising donations to mentoring others across the globe, when I see someone in need I choose to actively help. This manifests as helping those who I do not know or colleague or friend who is need of anything from moral support and even contributions to their livelihood. I have been in a financially precarious place, and know what it is like to fear for ones livelihood.

Intuition and Curiosity

Being able to understand perceptions, beliefs, or values across borders, boundaries of thought, and even partisan lines, affords leaders to directly help and moderate situations in the moment. As someone who has innate intuition and curiosity, I have been effectively able to build trust in all facets of my life. Through intuitive moderation in research to seeking new knowledge, I actively engage in developing new questions and ideas for better futures. Coupled with academic expertise and technical skills, I have come to use my intuition and curiosity in ways that promotes holistic communication, patience, and resilience.